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Racial Unity (July 2015)

Disunity in Christ

Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden Forces that Keep Us Apart

by Christena Cleveland

ISBN number: 9780830844036

Oneness Embraced

Oneness Embraced: Through the Eyes of Tony Evans

by Tony Evans

ISBN number: 9780802417909

A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures

A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures: Making Friends in a Multicultural World

by Patty Lane

ISBN number: 9780830823468


United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity

by Trillia J. Newell

ISBN number: 9780802410146


Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian

by John Piper

ISBN number: 9781433528521

Finding & Using Your Leadership Voice (October 2015)

The 8th Habit

The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

by Stephen Covey

ISBN number: 9780743287937