Resources — Bible Studies

by Kay Daigle

Kay’s studies’ free downloads at

  • An Anchor for the Soul: Selected sturdies in the Prophets and Psalms
  • Blue Jean Faith: A Study of James for Wise Women
  • For Such a Time as This: Women of the Bible who Made an Impact
  • Coming Home to Jesus: A Study of Luke for Wise Women
  • God’s Design for Building your Marriage: A Study for Wise Women
  • A Walk in the Clouds: A Study of Colossians for Wise Women
  • Adorned with True Beauty: A Study of 1 Peter for Wise Women
  • Snapshots of Jesus: A Study in John for Wise Women
  • Follow that Dream: Lessons for Women from Joshua
  • Glimpses of Godliness for Today’s Woman
  • Running the Race: Lessons from the Life of Paul for Today’s Woman
  • Seeing Clearly through the Darkness: A Study of Judges for Today’s Woman
  • Near to the Heart of God: Selected Psalms for Today’s Woman

by Sue Edwards

The Discover Together Series at

  • Daniel, Discover the Courage to Stand for Your Faith
  • Ephesians, Discovering Your Identity and Purpose in Christ
  • Revelation, Discovering Life for Today and Eternity
  • First Peter, Discovering Encouragement in Troubled Times
  • Psalms, Discovering Authentic Worship
  • Luke, Discovering Truth and Healing in Jesus' Words to Women
  • Proverbs, Discovering Ancient Wisdom for a Postmodern World, Vol. 1 & 2
  • Philippians, Discovering Joy Through Relationship (to be released fall 2015)

by Jodie Niznik

Choosing a Life that Matters

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