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Hope and Healing for Families Impacted by Mental Illness
Thursday – July 13, 2017

Venue: Northwest Bible Church

A Panel Discussion

One in five people this year will face mental illness personally. The number of people impacted increases dramatically when caregivers are considered. The Christian community can provide hope and refuge for these families. Your prayers, compassion and support can become their lifeline. Each woman on this panel provides a distinct perspective on loving these families well.

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Millennials: Are They Really That Bad?
Thursday – October 12, 2017

Venue: Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Nika Spaulding

A quick scroll through any twitter feed will probably include at least one article about millennials and the woes they bring to society. The Church has warned us about their post-modern thinking and mass exodus out of our pews. And yet, Millennials are our future elders, deaconesses, women’s ministers, and leaders of the Church. Join me this fall as I define this generation, offer tools on how to get them back through the Church’s doors, and cast a vision for how we can hand the mantle off to the future.

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